How to Install Moodle with Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04

I have written about how to install Moodle on Ubuntu 18.04 on which web server which is used is the Apache web server. This time Moodle is installed on the Nginx web server. 1.Install Nginx Update Ubuntu then install Nginx

2.Install MariaDB Install MariaDB database

Secure the MariaDB installation

Answer the question […]

How to Install WordPress with Nginx and PHP 7.4 on CentOS 7

This tutorial discusses how to install WordPress with the Nginx web server paired with PHP v7.4 and MariaDB database or more popularly abbreviated as LEMP (Linux Nginx MySQL/MariaDB PHP). 0.Update System Update CentOS and install the EPEL repository.

1.Install Nginx Install Nginx.

Enable and start the Nginx service.

2.Install PHP 7.4 Install […]