How to use an Android camera as a Webcam on Ubuntu 20.04

How to use an Android camera as a Webcam on Ubuntu 20.04

I need a webcam to do a video conference, but the video quality of the resulting laptop webcam is not good. Want to buy a good USB webcam is expensive too. In addition, the webcam is urgent to use, it will take too long to wait for the delivery of goods.

I have a Redmi Note 8 Android phone, then thought whether to use the camera from an Android phone as a webcam in Ubuntu, and it can be done.

0.Configuration on Android

First activate the Developer Options feature on an Android phone. To activate it, go to Settings -> About phone -> Android version. Tap Android version 7 times.

Then come back and go back to Settings, already active Developer optons menu. I am using Redmi Note 8 with Android 9 (MIUI 11), the menu Developer options is located at Settings -> Additional settings.

Under Developer options, enable USB debugging.

Android - Developer options
Android – Developer options

I chose a more stable USB connection, using the wireless connection it always disconnects.

1.Configuration on Ubuntu

Install the required dependency packages.

Download and extract the DroidCam client for Linux.

Install DroidCam.

Verify whether the installed module is installed.

Change the camera resolution configuration.

The contents are as below. Change the width and height options. Camera resolution size is 640×480, 960×720, 1280×720 (720p), 1920×1080 (1080p).

For sound support, install it below.

Next create an application shortcut.

Enter the configuration below.

Install the Cheese application if it is not yet available, an application to take photos and videos from the webcam, will be used in testing.

2.DroidCam via WiFi

Run the DroidCam application on an Android phone, the IP address of the Android phone will be displayed.

DroidCam Application
DroidCam Application

Next, run DroidCam on Ubuntu, select WiFI/LAN and enter the IP address of your Android phone. Then click Connect.

DroidCam Client application on Ubuntu
DroidCam Client application on Ubuntu

Then run the Cheese application to test whether the camera from the Android phone is connected to Ubuntu.

The Cheese application on Ubuntu
Cheese application on Ubuntu

Look at Preferences Cheese there is Device with the name Droidcam.

Cheese application Preferences
Cheese application Preferences

3.DroidCam via USB

For DroidCam via USB, select USB (Android) in the DroidCam Client app on Ubuntu.

Good luck 🙂

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