How to Install ionCube Loader on CentOS 7

How to Install ionCube Loader on CentOS 7

ionCube is an application tool for PHP Encoder, which protects and encrypts the source code or PHP program code. While ionCube Loader is a PHP extension for ionCube so the encrypted PHP program code can be run on the server (decrypted).

0.Install PHP and Apache

Install Apache web server and PHP.

Enable and start the Apache web server.

1.Download ionCube Loader

Download ionCube Loader for 64bit architecture.

Extract ionCube Loader.

2.Copy ionCube Loader

Check the running PHP version.

Check the contents of the ioncube folder whether it is available for PHP used.

Check the location of the extension directory.

Copy ionCube Loader 5.4 into the extension directory.

Enter ionCube Loader into the PHP configuration.

Enter the options below into the php.ini file.

Restart Apache web server.


Test to find out if ionCube Loader is running on PHP.

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