How to Install ionCube Loader on Ubuntu 18.04

How to Install ionCube Loader on Ubuntu 18.04

ionCube is an application tool for PHP Encoder, which protects and encrypts the source code or PHP program code. While ionCube Loader is a PHP extension for ionCube so that the encrypted PHP program code can be run on the server (decrypted).

0.Install Apache and PHP

Update Ubuntu first

Install Apache and PHP

1.Install ionCube Loader

Download ionCube Loader and extract

Check the version of PHP that runs on Ubuntu

The result is that PHP 7.2 means that what is needed is ionCube Loader for PHP 7.2

Check the location of the extension folder

The result is /usr/lib/php/20170718

Check the contents of the extracted folder, see what the file name is IonCube Loader for PHP 7.2

Copy ionCube Loader to the extension folder

Enter the ionCube Loader extension into the PHP configuration (php.ini). There are 3 php.ini files, in the apache2 folder when using the Apache web server, in the fpm folder if using PHP-FPM it is usually associated with the Nginx web server, and in the cli folder for php-cli (command line interface).

Add the following options to the last line of the php.ini file.

Restart apache2 if using the Apache web server and php7.2-fpm if using PHP-FPM.


Run the command check the PHP version, make sure you have put the ionCube Loader extension into php.ini for cli.

The result is an additional with the ionCube PHP Loader

Subsequent tests created the info.php file.

Fill with

Then browse http://IP_SERVER/info.php and search for ioncube

PHP Information - ionCube Loader
PHP Information – ionCube Loader

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